Hello, my name is Philip Dyer and I am passionate about business improvement, the overarching objective of the Healthy Leaders philosophy is to improve your bottom line. If you get it right, you will also see remarkable benefits in all the other metrics and measures which dictate whether you
prosper or not in your highly competitive market.

You personally will also emerge healthier, less stressed and much more in control of your life. I have to be honest; like most things worth having, it will not be easy, mainly because you will be required to doing things differently; and as we all know changing habits requires commitment!
I founded Healthy Leaders with the sole purpose of supporting and advising business owners and company managers with regards to four key strands of business life that are routinely neglected. None of the four pillars are radical, earth-shattering or even new. But because we, in the world of business in the 21st century, are so busy in our working lives, few organisations have the foresight to fit them together. When you do however, the rewards can be significant.

The Four Pillars

High performing organisations have outstanding cultures; having said that, Healthy Leaders is not “social engineering” or a short-term “back slapping” attempt to merely improve morale. The process will ultimately influence the financial performance of the business; if that does not occur, we are doing it wrong and need to go back to basics.

Mental Health
Is a more manageable and less stressful environment appealing? We hear so much of issues like “burn–out”, nervous exhaustion and so on within management and leadership roles; in the second pillar we will explore this in detail and learn how so much of this negativity maybe self-inflicted and how to overcome it.

Physical Health
The third pillar is personal physical health and wellbeing. Here we will explore the principles around making us not just fit for work but fit for life. Few businesses acknowledge the win: win opportunities here. The apparent absence of time or opportunity are just two of the barriers preventing people from leading a physical life; we will investigate how to incorporate a healthy lifestyle alongside managing effectively. We will also explore those long-engrained habits which deliver the opposite, and damage both you and your business.

As a Healthy Leader by addressing your nutritional needs in a well-balanced diet program you will benefit from higher energy; greater mental focus and eliminate the peaks and troughs which come with highly processed and refined foods and energy drinks – the simple rule is “if you eat well you will stay well”!

To conclude:

Healthy Leaders is about inspiring entrepreneurs and organisational leaders to take control of their health and wellbeing to promote improved personal and team performance. We achieve this by providing practical know-how and guidance to demystify mental and physical wellbeing, resulting in increased levels of confidence, self-awareness and enhanced performance.