There is an old adage “you are what you eat”; perhaps more accurately “you are what you do with what you eat”!  As a society we have been pounded over the years with marketing messages which promote a vast number of branded foods as healthy whilst at the same time we have seen obesity levels going up and the NHS buckling under the demand.  Something is WRONG!

As a Healthy Leader you will take an keen interest in your wellbeing and the wellbeing of your colleagues; part of that interest is being nutritionally aware – not of fad diets or the next big thing, but of what your needs are to function day to day and what you will allow as a treat.  High physical performance is not just for athletes it is for Healthy Leaders too 🙂

In this video you can see Founder Philip Dyer discuss his thoughts on nutrition and how good nutrition can help with the overall performance in an organisation.