Nutrition is a complex topic, perhaps more than it needs to be at times!  I often marvel at the range of advice and guidance that can be accessed on the internet or via word of mouth from friends and family; but what is right for you?

For many years I have personally researched and experimented with a wide range of dietary habits with the objective of finding out what works for me and in the process I discovered that a lot of what is recommended out there has little or no formal rigour backing it up – some ideas and views are literally based on a belief rather than empirical evidence. The good news is that there are people out there that seek “real” information, or at least something that can be described at current and relevant; one such person is Dr Zoë Harcombe PhD.

Take time out to read the blog on Carbohydrates and Cardio Vascular Disease – worth 20mins of anybody’s time 🙂